Rachel Maddow Mocks Mitt Romney For 'Invisible Boot' Metaphor (VIDEO)

12/22/2011 02:18 pm 14:18:26

Rachel Maddow mocked GOP candidate Mitt Romney Wednesday night for using an interesting metaphor in a new campaign speech.

Maddow described Romney's speech as "the new general election-oriented, anti-Obama, Mitt Romney for President, trademark message."

She then played a clip of the speech, when Romney described President Obama as weighing down the country with "the invisible boot of government."

"If you put on the invisible boot does that mean it will look like you are walking around barefoot even though you are really not?" Maddow wondered.

Maddow continued to mock Romney's new metaphor and likened the "invisible boot of government" to Wonder Woman's invisible plane. "She's in a seated position, but why!?" Maddow said as she played clips of Wonder Woman flying in her plane.

According to Maddow, "the invisible boot" was supposed to be Romney's "super scary, big government metaphor." Maddow thought the metaphor was "too weird" and "needed some work."


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