12/22/2011 01:22 pm ET | Updated Feb 21, 2012

Siri Horror Movie: Fake Trailer Spoofs iPhone, Genre Tropes (VIDEO)

Siri offers up iPhone users too lazy to use their fingers with information in a cool, clear, impassioned way, delivering facts and executing instructions with the ruthless efficiency of an emotionless machine. Free of any attachment to the material possessions and interpersonal relationships that cloud our lives, Siri knows the truth: life is cold and meaningless.

Thus is the premise of this delightful fake trailer, "Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie." Playing on the young-people-running-from-monster trope that has popped up in so many slasher flicks, the trailer is surprisingly smart and funny, which is impressive given that the internet is more or less entirely made up of mediocre fake trailers.

Before you buy your iPhone 4S, know that it may be the last phone you ever buy.