For most people, a steak dinner normally signifies a celebration or special occasion. Whether it be ordered at a restaurant or prepared in a home kitchen, there is something about a steak that simply exudes decadence. And what better time for decadence than the holidays?

We often don't think of cooking up a filet mignon for celebrations during this time of year. But why not? Most of us turn to the more traditional baked ham, turkey or Christmas goose, but maybe this year it's time for a change. We at Kitchen Daily have put together 10 succulent steak recipes that would be perfect to serve for any festive occasion. From a strip steak with blue-cheese butter to a Thai-spiced beef tenderloin, there is a recipe perfect for any type of holiday celebration.

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  • Strip Steak With Blue-Cheese Butter And Toasted Pecans

    Mixing blue cheese with butter makes a quick and delectable sauce, and the taste of the blue cheese marries the rich flavors of the steak well. For an additional richness, toasted pecans are added as a garnish. <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_hplink">Strip Steak with Blue-Cheese Butter and Toasted Pecans</a> recipe</strong>

  • Hanger Steak With Warm Bulgur Salad

    Garlic and cumin season this hanger steak with a North African flair. The bulgur salad that accompanies the steak heightens the flavor of that cuisine with a cinnamon and mint kick. <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_hplink">Hanger Steak with Warm Bulgur Salad</a> recipe</strong>

  • Filet Mignon With Caraway Cilantro Compound Butter

    A compound butter flavored with caraway seeds and cilantro makes a unique sauce to top this filet mignon. Compound butters are a cinch to prepare, and they make all the difference in the end result of your dish. <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_hplink">Filet Mignon with Caraway Cilantro Compound Butter</a> recipe</strong>

  • Skirt Steak With Paprika Butter

    Skirt steak is a great cut to serve for a dinner party. It doesn't take too long to cook, allowing you more time to spend with your guests. The vibrant flavors of the garlic, lemon and paprika come together to create a meal that no one will soon forget. <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_hplink">Skirt Steak with Paprika Butter</a> recipe</strong>

  • Beef Tenderloin With Aromatic Thai Spices

    While this dish is a tad more complicated than most beef tenderloins, it is well worth the effort. The recipe is adapted from Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who loves to cook his tenderloin sous vide. This recipe offers a make-shift method of simmering the meat in a resealable, plastic freezer bag. <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_hplink">Beef Tenderloin with Aromatic Thai Spices</a> recipe</strong>

  • Cocoa Crusted Flank Steak With Lime Black Beans

    This flank steak is prepared with a Latin flair. Spiced with unsweetened cocoa, roasted red pepper, lime and cumin, and served alongside beans and lentils, it is a fragrant and hearty meal. <strong>Get the<a href="" target="_hplink"> Cocoa Crusted Flank Steak with Lime Black Beans recipe</a></strong>

  • Filet Mignon With Mushrooms And Mustard-Red Wine Sauce

    Dijon mustard is the secret ingredient in this rich and tender filet mignon dish. It is used not only as an emulsifier for the sauce, but also adds a nice complex flavor. <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_hplink">Filet Mignon with Mushrooms and Mustard-Red Wine Sauce</a> recipe</strong>

  • Steak And Potatoes With Anchovy-Caper Vinaigrette

    Some people turn up their nose at the mention of anchovies, but the truth is they add a depth of flavor to many dishes -- and are particularly powerful in sauces. This meal of steak and potatoes gets taken up a notch thanks to the addition of the rich anchovies and briny capers. <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_hplink">Steak and Potatoes with Anchovy-Caper Vinaigrette</a> recipe</strong>

  • Steak Diane

    Meaty, earthy mushrooms accompany steaks so nicely, and when added into a brandied sauce they taste like pure decadence. Feel free to use whatever variety you prefer, though button mushrooms taste just great, too. <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_hplink">Steak Diane</a> recipe</strong>

  • Beef Tenderloin Aux Poivre With Brandied Mushroom Sauce

    Beef tenderloin is a great dish to serve when entertaining a large crowd. Slice the meat before bringing it to the table to make for easy serving. And be sure you have enough brandied mushrooms to accompany this dish, they will go fast! <strong>Get the <a href="" target="_hplink">Beef Tenderloin Aux Poivre with Brandied Mushroom Sauce</a> recipe</strong>

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