12/22/2011 04:31 am ET | Updated Feb 20, 2012

'This Is Justin Bieber': Bieber Pranks, Then Greets A Pair Of Beliebers (VIDEO)

In a special imported from the UK's ITV, "This Is Justin Bieber" (Wed., 9 p.m. EST on TLC) took a look at the pop star's popularity across the pond. He performed several of his hits, showed off some backstage antics and even regaled audiences with some Christmas staples. But it was in pranking two fans that he was at his cheekiest, as the Brits would say.

First, ITV invited the pair of self-proclaimed "Beliebers" to be a part of their studio audience. But when they arrived, they were told they might not have tickets for them. The girls sat forlorn in a room awaiting their fate when suddenly, Bieber popped his head in, eliciting screams of shock and excitement.

"Sorry wrong room," he joked and slipped back out. He quickly came back in with a laugh and tickets for both of them. They screamed incoherently while he hugged them and tried to engage in small talk. It was all in good fun, and it seemed pretty likely the girls won't mind the prank, considering they got to meet their idol.

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