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Chris Christie Open To Vice Presidential Run With Mitt Romney

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie fueled speculation about a possible vice presidential run when he said Thursday that he and Mitt Romney have not discussed a joint ticket -- because to do so at this point in the game would be presumptuous.

"I don't think you talk about that stuff. I think if you're the nominee you're afraid to talk about that stuff because you don't want to jinx yourself," he told FOX News. "I don't think [Romney] wants to be presumptuous enough to start talking to somebody about a vice president when he’s not yet the nominee."

Christie was feverishly thought to be considering a run for president until he called a press conference in October to put an end to the rumors. He told FOX he loves his job and expects to remain there, but he's not ruling out a vice presidential nomination.

"I think it's awful to say I won't do something when it hasn't been offered," he said.

Romney has also been coy about discussing potential running mates. He refused to play ball with Chuck Todd earlier this week when pressed about whether Newt Gingrich would be too much of a "loose cannon" to consider for a vice presidential pick.

"I'm not going to characterize anyone's qualifications for vice president," Romney said. "Obviously I think that the people on the stage could all do better than the current president. I sure as heck think they could do better than the current vice president."

In October, Romney and Christie appeared together on 'Today,' where Romney called Christie "one of the leading figures in the Republican party" and acknowledged in broad strokes his VP credentials.

"Of course he'd be on anyone's short list," Romney said.

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