12/23/2011 02:59 pm ET

Great Food Stories Of The Week (Last Call)

Every Friday afternoon, HuffPost Food rounds up some of the best food articles of the week. Start your weekend off with some quality food writing, and hopefully quality food as well! Think we missed something great? Let us know.

Yankee Magazine, Jingles: Anise Holiday Cookie Memory
How one hard-to-get cookie because a family staple.

Wall Street Journal, Do The Rye Thing
America's original whiskey has become its cult spirit.

Ulterior Epicure, Best Dishes Of 2011
Don't tire of "best of" lists just yet -- the photos of these restaurants are stunning.

The Atlantic, Eating Animals
Why a group of longtime vegetarians and vegans converted to the idea that flesh and other food from animals can be healthful, environmentally appropriate, and ethical.

The Economist, Brewed Force
How a small, unremarkable country came to dominate the world of beermaking.

Food Republic, Rubing: The Chinese Cheese You Never Knew
In Yunnan Province, a cheese for all stripes.

San Francisco Magazine, David Kinch Steps Up To The Plate
A well-deserved chef profile of an extremely influential Bay area chef.

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