'The League' Finale: Ruxin Uncovers The Draft Secret, Suffers Stress-Related Stroke (VIDEO)

12/23/2011 04:16 am ET | Updated Feb 21, 2012

In a two-part season finale, it was the playoffs for the fantasy football players in "The League" (Thu., 10 p.m. EST on FX). With reigning champ Ruxin playing for last place in the Sacko Bowl, his nerves were absolutely frayed and on edge. So when he found out about the draft cheat they perpetrated on him way back at the beginning of the season, he was so enraged he declared the entire season null and void.

Then he had a minor stroke. A stroke that he miraculously recovered from in the second episode after seeing Shiva in the halls of the hospital. Nevertheless, it was a dramatic close to the season, with Taco taking Ruxin at his word and gathering up everything and anything that had to do with this season and setting it up to burn like a viking funeral.

Say goodbye to the Shiva trophy, the Sacko trophy and even the computer they drafted on. Everyone seemed at peace with it, except for Kevin. He had more riding on the season than any of them.

First, he had just won his first ever Shiva Bowl, and that's something that had haunted him for years. But second, and perhaps more important, he had a deal with Jenny that if he won the Bowl they would try for another baby.

In that regard, Jenny revealed to him that he'd already won. She was pregnant. It was everything he'd hoped for -- but still he dove in after the boat and the burning trophies. He wanted his win, he wanted to be the reigning champion.

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