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The Postiche Collection: Faux Facial Hair Photography By Julian Wolkenstein (PHOTOS)

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Male facial hair has long symbolized power, influence and masculinity for kings and leaders throughout history.

Created by photographer Julian Wolkenstein and art director Paul Sharp, the 'Postiche Collection' portraiture series captures male figures through the ages wearing quilted faux beards, moustaches and chin hair.

Handmade by technical adviser Tamara Maynes, the unique facial costumes are patchworked from various fabrics.

After spending six years researching the history of male facial hair, Spark and Wolkenstein provide insight into how facial accessories added power and influence for rulers from ancient Egypt and Greece.

The Postichery Collection is part of the Slow Photography Movement that has been documented for the Museum of Helsinki Publication, which is a limited-edition catalogue designed by Hampus Jageland.

Check out 'The 2011 Museum of Helsinki Lufthansa Postiche Collection' below.

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