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Vice Tracks Down 'Jesus' In Siberia (VIDEO)

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The globetrotting provocateurs at Vice have just released one of their weirdest travel series yet: A three-part documentary hunt for "Jesus of Siberia" in Southern Russia.

Vice correspondent Rocco Castoro sets out for a settlement 100 miles from the nearest town, "a place where the children run free, where the earth provides everything you need and where money is meaningless."

The Church of the Last Testament is home to a man known as Vissarion, or The Teacher, who claims to be Jesus reincarnate.

"I feel like I'm kinda in a different world," Castoro says, exploring the beautiful forests of the region while meeting Vissarion's followers -- and the man himself.

At times bizarre, at others hilarious, the video series is a fascinating portrait of a little-visited region known more for the railroad that transits it than what happens within it.

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