12/24/2011 12:55 pm ET

Giants vs. Jets LIVE UPDATES: Eli Manning, Mark Sanchez Square Off In Battle For New York

The Battle for New York. Big Blue against Gang Green. Rex Ryan against Tom Coughlin. Mark Sanchez against Eli Manning. Sunday's Week 16 game between the Giants and the Jets will certainly be a slugfest with plenty of playoff implications. The Jets (8-6) hold one of the AFC Wildcard slot with Cincinnati, Oakland, San Diego and Tennessee behind them. The Giants, however, are 7-7 and have to win the NFC East to make the playoffs.

So who do you think will win the Battle of New York? Will the Jets back up Rex Ryan's talk? Or will the Giants, who made plenty of trash talk of their own this week, stay in the hunt for the postseason?

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12/24/2011 4:38 PM EST


The Giants survive a poor first half thanks to one big play and then find their game in the second half to stay on track for playoff spot.

12/24/2011 4:37 PM EST


Another middle deep ball and Webster snags this one. It sails over Kerley. This can be knee'd out.

12/24/2011 4:36 PM EST


Jason Pierre-Paul has his second.

12/24/2011 4:35 PM EST

Last Gasps

Kerley picks up a few yards on first and Keller picks up a new set of downs on third. We're at 1:28 with a new 1st and 10.

12/24/2011 4:34 PM EST


@ realfreemancbs :

Same old Jets.

12/24/2011 4:32 PM EST

Connor Returns

The fullback fields kick off and rumbles ahead for a few yards. And, we're at the two-minute warning .

12/24/2011 4:31 PM EST

What a Finish!

GIants exploding toward finish line.

New York: 29

New York: 14

12/24/2011 4:30 PM EST


Bradshaw breaks through line and Jets defense is so compacted that he's free to end zone after that.

12/24/2011 4:29 PM EST

Onside Kick

Folk with a line drive kick that takes a funky bounce but no Jet can get ball before it goes out of bounds. Giants ball in great position.

12/24/2011 4:27 PM EST


Sanchez gets off pass but it's a sack because his forward progress was ruled to have stopped. The ball was out and was ultimately caught by Ferguson. Another bizarre play in this game. But two more points for Giants.