Yemen Protests: Troops In Country's Capital Open Fire On Protesters With Guns, Tear Gas, Water Cannons

12/24/2011 09:37 am ET | Updated Feb 23, 2012

By AHMED AL-HAJ -- The Associated Press

SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- Doctors say eight protesters have been killed by Yemeni security forces who opened fire at some 100.000 protesters converging into the capital from a four-day march.

Mohammed el-Qoutbi and Sadeq al-Shugaa, doctors at a field hospital with the protesters, also say 200 have been injured in the assault, including 61 wounded by gunfire. The dead include one woman.

The protesters were attacked as they entered Sanaa after marching for four days from Taiz, 170 miles (270 kilometers) to the south to pressure the government not to grant outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh immunity from prosecution.