12/25/2011 08:39 am ET | Updated Feb 24, 2012

BlackVoices Preach!: A Christmas Story

On Christmas, we often get so buried under wrapping paper and big meals that we forget the meaning of this special day. Luckily, this Sunday we have three great pieces to help bring us back to reality.

First, Reverend Thomas Bowen calls us all to forgo the presents completely. "Each and every year we need to be reminded of the real meaning of Christmas and our role in it."

Princeton Parker explores the complex emotions that plagued King Herod upon the announcement of Jesus' birth and how we can too often relate more to the murderous king than Jesus. "Insecurity kills. Herod's insecurity lead to the death of others... Insecure people may not do any physical killing, but many try to kill a persons' influence, spirit, dreams, goals, joy, inspiration, motivation, or even their emotions. "

Reverend Nicholas Richards takes on our tendency to invest in false stories promoted on TV shows and pop songs, while ignoring to the truth of Jesus' birth.

Sunday Sermon Preach 12/25