12/25/2011 12:29 pm ET

Cindy Crawford & Bon Jovi's 'Please Come Home For Christmas' Warms Our Hearts (VIDEO)

In honor of this joyous day, we bring you the holiday gift of vintage Cindy Crawford -- and vintage Bon Jovi. The two put out a music video in 1992 for Bon Jovi's cover of "Please Come Home For Christmas," in which the rocker and the model frolic around dark house on Christmas day.

Some say it was one of Bon Jovi's sexiest videos ever, as evidenced by the copious amount of lip-locking and butt-grabbing. Unfortunately Cindy's high-waisted mom jeans and Jon's big silver earrings don't exactly scream "sexy" in 2011.

They do, however, make for a silly look at vintage 1992 fashion. And besides the misguided denim, we have to admit: Cindy, as always, looks awesome.

From our laptops to yours: happy holidays, people.