12/26/2011 11:59 am ET

Kevin Durant Kisses Mom: Thunder Superstar Has Christmas Kiss For Mom (VIDEO)

Kevin Durant is a better person than you. Just accept this fact, appreciate him and then move on with your regularly-scheduled selfishness. Unlike his NBA peers, he doesn't chase the spotlight to the big markets. And, unlike the rest of us, he is not afraid to dote on his mother in public.

With Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder just seconds away from sealing a season-opening win over the Orlando Magic, the two-time scoring champ strolled over the sideline and lowered his head to receive a kiss on the cheek from his mother, who was watching the game from a courtside seat. ESPN announcer Doris Burke fawned over Durant's moment with his mother -- as the rest of the players were getting positioned for a foul shot.

"He just kissed his mom as he went by! I love that," Burke gushed. "Look at that. That is fabulous. My son, Matthew, I hope you were watching that."

After consistently making his fellow NBA players look bad on and off the court, the rangy All-Star has apparently moved on to making the rest of us seem like bad guys by comparison. For once, most basketball fans can somewhat relate to LeBron James.

By quietly, quickly signing a contract extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2010, Durant previously distinguished himself from many of his peers who have publicly proclaimed their desires to leave small or mid-market clubs for the brighter lights of bigger cities. Shortly after Durant inked a five-year extension with the Thunder to keep himself in OKC through the 2015-2016 season, James and Chris Bosh took their talents to South from Cleveland and Toronto, respectively. Carmelo Antony would eventually force his way from Denver to New York and Chris Paul would then pressure his way from New Orleans to Los Angeles -- albeit not to his first choice team in that city. Up next? Dwight Howard, who Durant's Thunder soundly beat on Christmas.

GIven the chance, Durant would likely also walk your dog, sort your grandparent's recycling and take it to the curb, listen to your girlfriend complain about her co-workers and nod in all the right places. Need help cleaning your gutters or changing a flat tire? Call Durant. And, if you need an extra player for flag football then just tweet at him. Seriously.