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Top 2011 Scandals: What's A Year Without Some Shocking Dishonors? (PHOTOS)

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The year wouldn't quite be complete without a smattering of embarrassing, shocking or "nuh-uh"-worthy scandals -- and 2011 was certainly no different. From a professional baseball team to a down-on-her-luck starlet; a tiger-blood addicted actor to cheating, abuse and personal tragedy, this year has proven no more calm than the last.

The month of November in particular is a time when we give thanks -- but November 2011 gave us some of the biggest scandals of the year: the Dodgers for sale, an Oscar shake-up, Conrad Murray and Natalie Wood. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Put on your bibs, folks, cause this is gonna get juicy.

Herewith, we present our huggable, lovable, BIGGEST SCANDALS OF 2011:

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