12/27/2011 06:13 pm ET Updated Feb 26, 2012

All Of The Lights: The Miami Heat Unveil New 2011-2012 Intro Video

Well, if the Miami Heat were trying to downplay their superstardom while the Big Three got used to each other last season, that's all over now: this year's intro video, debuting tonight against the Celtics, is set to Kanye West's 'All of the Lights,' and it is, in fact, Hollywood as hell: Dwyane Wade is dressed like Captain Stubing, Chris Bosh is in shades, and LeBron James is welcoming your attention with open arms.

Oh, and Shane Battier is wearing not one, but two, popped collars (the shoot was outfitted by Original Penguin).

Of course, anything with Udonis Haslem in it has at least a little cool, but forgive us, Miami, for being slightly underwhelmed. Last year may have used the 80's-flavored Orange Bowlian Phil Collins anthem 'In The Air Tonight,' but at least that is a song that, when the lights are down and tip-off's approaching, does invoke a sense of impending total awesomeness -- at least until Wade unnerves everyone with bedroom eyes from the Jumbotron. 'All of the Lights' just reminds us of the time we misread a Key West charter airplane ad, and thought hip-hop's sensitive bad boy had gone into tourism (tell us you wouldn't fly Mr. West's All Of The Flights, and we'll show you a terrible liar).

Fortunately for the Heat, with a trouncing of last year's Finals foes Dallas on Christmas Day (it even shut up Santa, eventually), it's really not going to take much to get AmericanAirlines Arena hype.

Check the new intro video above, and see a little bit of the making of here: