12/27/2011 03:01 pm ET

Pokemon Fashion Tumblr Photoshops Gaming Characters Into Couture Ads (PHOTOS)

Are you a devotee of both gaming and couture?

Now you (probably "you," singular, because that's gotta be a limited group) can combine your interests with PokeXFashion, a Tumblr that adds carefree Pokemon characters to the most serious of fashion shoots.

The unnamed blogger behind the site adds whimsical Pokemon animals to pictures like Meryl Streep's recent Vogue cover, that brooding Givenchy Gisele Bundchen ad and some Prada promotional photos. We're impressed by the combinations of colors, which make even children's cartoons seem elegant.

Check out some of the cool illustrations below, and see even more at PokeXFashion.

(Via Refinery 29)


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