31 Injured As Kyrgyzstan Airlines Plane Skids Off Kyrgyz Runway (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

12/28/2011 08:28 am ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

A Russian-made passenger jet skidded off a runway in southern Kyrgyzstan after landing in dense fog in the city of Osh on Wednesday.

At least 31 people suffered injuries, according to the Associated Press. There are conflicting reports of how many total passengers and crew were aboard, though that number appears to be roughly 95.

The Kyrgyzstan Airlines Tu-134 was inbound from the capital, Bishkek, when it landed, turned to the left and "smashed off" a wing, according to one report. The plane caught fire, causing the temporary shut-down of the airport.

"I consider the accident as a signal to begin thorough check of the flight safety system," Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov told Kyrgyz news outlet 24. He'll travel to Osh to visit the scene on Wednesday.

Production of the Tu-134 ceased in the 1980s but the twin-engine plane is still frequently seen in service in Central Asia.