12/28/2011 04:27 pm ET

Chelsea Handler, 'After Lately' Stars Reveal New Year's Resolutions

E!'s Chelsea Handler really came out on top this year. Her fourth book, "Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me," hit number one on the bestseller list, her "Chelsea Lately" ratings are through the roof, and she's one of the most sought-after bachelorettes in Hollywood.

So what could Handler possibly resolve to do in 2012 to make life better?

"I resolve to attempt, at least once, to clean up my dogs' shadoobies, despite the malodorous stench," Handler told The Huffington Post. "Though someone else will have to clean up my vomit."

We asked her fellow "After Lately" stars what their 2012 resolutions were as well, although Handler's faithful sidekick, Chuy, was obviously confused.

"What does resolution mean?" he asked.

The rest of the gang was a little more forthcoming. Check out their New Year's resolutions below!

The next new episode of "After Lately" airs New Year's Day at 11 p.m. on E!

Chelsea Handler