12/28/2011 04:51 pm ET

Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas: 5 Ways To Punch Up Your Punch!

This is the year: you are finally going to be the one to throw the New Year's Eve party. You have the clothes, the songs, the food, and the guests... but you aren't sure what to serve for drinks. Alcohol is not an option: you're a minor and no one wants to get busted by the cops on the #1 day they are looking for underage drinkers. Not to mention, NYE is apparently the worst holiday for drinking and driving. But you also can't serve apple juice and diet coke to your guests with a straight face.

So, it's time to get creative. Check out the below slideshow for 5 non-lame punch ideas for you to serve on the big night. And, as always, guard the punch! Get your bffs on board to take turns to make sure your awesome party doesn't make headlines the next day.

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5 Ways To Punch Up (Non-Alcoholic) Punch