12/28/2011 10:05 am ET

Obama, Hillary Clinton Top 'Most Admired' List

Americans named President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as their "Most Admired Man" and "Most Admired Woman," according to a USA Today/Gallup survey released Tuesday.

Gallup asked respondents, without prompting, the man and woman whom they admired most in the world. Clinton has topped the list for the past 10 years and for a total of 16 times since 1993. Obama topped the list for the fourth time in a row. Both were mentioned by 17 percent of respondents.

Oprah Winfrey came in second among women with 7 percent mentioning her, followed by First Lady Michelle Obama, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

In the "Most Admired Man" category, former President George W. Bush was mentioned by 3 percent of respondents, while former President Bill Clinton, Rev. Billy Graham and Warren Buffett were mentioned by 2 percent of respondents each.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump placed sixth among men, with 1 percent naming him, after last being on the list in 1990.