12/28/2011 09:08 am ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

Is Rihanna A Fan Of Clarks? (PHOTOS)

Rihanna, like Lady Gaga and even Beyonce, is known for her audacious outfits, which often involve sparkling onesies, pantslessness and staggeringly high platforms.

So imagine our surprise when we read a report in The Sun that the Barbados-born singer is a fan of Clarks.

Yes, the old British brand responsible for desert boots. Those Clarks.

A "source" told The Sun:

"Rihanna returned home with a stash of sensible shoes from Clarks. She's been wearing towering heels throughout her Loud tour which has taken its toll on her feet. She's been suffering all sorts of aches and pains so she's going easy on her feet while she's off. She loves Clarks so she thought she'd treat her family to a pair each."

While we aren't sure the "source" has his or her facts totally confirmed, we wouldn't be too surprised -- everybody needs to give their feet a rest every once in a while. Even Victoria Beckham, Queen of the Louboutin Platforms, was forced to swap her pumps for flats this year.

Then again, there are the hardcore types like Beyonce and Jessica Simpson, who have both been sporting killer heels throughout their pregnancies (Jessica even joked that she plans to give birth in four-inch stilettos).

But if Rihanna is secretly cooling her heels in comfy flat boots, we're guessing Bey and Jessica are doing the same.

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