12/28/2011 09:14 am ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

'Storage Wars: Texas': Lesa And Jerry Find $5,000 Italian Shirt (VIDEO)

Not every episode of "Storage Wars: Texas" (Tues., 10PM EST on A&E) features a big score; after all, the nature of bidding on storage units includes a sizable amount of luck. But fortune smiled upon Lesa Lewis and Jerry Simpson when they outbid Victor Rjesnjansky for a unit that turned out to contain some designer Italian clothes that more than repaid their investment.

After bidding $2,675 for the unit's contents, Lesa and Jerry were pleasantly surprised when they sifted through their treasure. Lesa found a box full of clothes, and pulled out a black silk shirt. It happened to have the price-tag still on it, and she was shocked at the results. "Look at this, right here," she said, noticing that the label was from an expensive Italian designer. The price tag revealed that the shirt was valued at $5,195, which nearly doubled the pair's investment on its own. Lesa yelled out a celebratory "OMG!" and grabbed a toy microphone to sing about how happy she was. All told, the value of the unit was nearly $9,000, a value more than three times more than they paid for it. And while Jerry was plenty pleased with the score, Lesa's singing still hurt his ears.

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