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The Best New Twitter Accounts Of 2011

First Posted: 12/28/11 09:18 AM ET   Updated: 12/28/11 10:01 AM ET

Oh, Twitter. You just never stop giving, do you?

While 2011 may have belonged to the likes of old vets like @robdelaney and @meganamram, it also saw a host of new users who delighted us to pieces.

Below is a roundup of our 11 favorite new Twitter users. Check out our picks and let us know your favorites in the comments, or by tweeting us at @HuffPostComedy!

Bronx Zoo's Cobra
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Bronx Zoo\'s Cobra
Trick or treat, I have no feet, give me something good to slowly digest over several days. #happyhalloween
It seemed like there was an epidemic of animals escaping from zoos in 2011, and fortunately, each one ended up with its own Twitter feed. But the Bronx Zoo's Cobra mastered the medium.
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