12/28/2011 10:11 am ET

TV Superlatives Of 2011: Most Overhyped TV Event, Most Improved Real Housewife & More (PHOTOS)

There are plenty of great "Top This" and "Best Of That" lists this time of year. Though I have a hard time playing favorites -- especially in a year that's so chock-full of TV goodness -- I do love giving out superlatives.

Like the splashy declarations stamped on high school yearbooks, I've got my own "most" picks for all things TV. From the most improved reality star to the most wasteful use of ink, this was one of the most most-full years in recent memory, but I narrowed my list down to 10.

What shows do I dig the most? And who gets the prize for worst most superlative? Click below to find out ...

The Most Must-Read Most List of 2011