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5 Health-Themed Movies Of 2011

Posted: 12/29/11 08:25 AM ET

Some of the biggest, most-raved about films that came out this year have been about, or were shaped by, a health issue or theme.

Some have dealt with the health issue head-on -- like going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment, in "50/50," while others, like "Melancholia," were shaped by a mental health issue of depression.

Check out this roundup of five movies that dealt with health themes, ranging from comedy to drama to science fiction.

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While the main theme of "Melancholia" -- which stars Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland and Charlotte Gainsbourg -- isn't about health, but rather the end of the world, depression is also an underlying theme in the film. Controversial director Lars von Trier is reported to have had depression for several years prior to the film's release, and that depression -- and the way it affects people's responses in situations -- helped to frame the movie, the Danish Film Institute reported.

According to the Danish Film Institute:

A therapist told him a theory that depressives and melancholics act more calmly in violent situations, while "ordinary, happy" people are more apt to panic. Melancholics are ready for it.


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