Flu Etiquette Rules To Party By

12/30/2011 11:53 am ET | Updated Dec 30, 2011

You've made it through last-minute shopping, Christmas dinner with the in-laws and bottomless glasses of eggnog so far, but that doesn't mean you're free and clear of the season's bad health habits just yet. Cold and flu germs are lurking during this final stretch of holiday revelry, too. (Not to mention on the plane, train and car ride home.)

According to a survey by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, three out of four people would still attend a social function if they had symptoms of the flu. Among those who have had the flu in the past three years, more than half downplayed how sick they felt the last time they had it, telling themselves and others that "it was just a cold."

Here, etiquette expert Anna Post, of The Emily Post Institute, shares her tips on how not to be that guy who spreads the flu to others this season and how to avoid getting sick when people like him are around.


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