Google Plus Marriage Proposal Tops 6 Wackiest Social Media Proposals

12/29/2011 05:59 pm ET | Updated Dec 29, 2011

No matter what you may think about public proposals, you can't help but acknowledge the creativity with which grooms-to-be proposed in 2011.

The year started off with a Groupon proposal that showed the site isn't just for scoring discount pedicures. Now, another couple is closing out the year with a demonstration that Google+ and online gaming can lead to a match made in... well, an unusual way to ask for someone's hand in marriage.

Mashable reports that a man who goes by username "Mihai" on the Google+ online game "Crime City" approached the game's creator, Funzio, about proposing to his girlfriend -- Crime City user "Miruna" -- within the game. According to Mashable, Funzio created a virtual engagement ring especially for Mihai, which he purchased on Christmas Day. The ring then appeared in Miruna's virtual inventory. The creative ploy worked -- Miruna said "yes" immediately.

No word yet on whether their honeymoon will be in the real or virtual world. Regardless, this is only the latest in the story of how couples are integrating social media into everything from their proposals to their weddings.

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