12/29/2011 03:12 pm ET | Updated Dec 29, 2011

Rachel Zoe Loses Her Luggage En Route To St. Barts: Report (PHOTOS)

The problem with having tons of expensive designer clothes? The chance of losing or ruining them.

It's a thought that haunts us every time we use our grandmothers' vintage bags (what if we leave it on the subway??) or travel with that expensive dress we bought at a sample sale and couldn't live without (what if they lose our suitcase??).

For Rachel Zoe, it's a nightmare come true. The New York Post reports that American Airlines lost the stylist's luggage while she was en route to Miami and St. Barts.

Amongst the haul: "Tom Ford for Gucci vintage leather jacket and Missoni caftans," according to the Post. Oy -- that's the good stuff. Everyone knows how much Zoe loves her baggy caftans and adores Mr. Ford (as well as anything vintage).

We are sort of curious how the luggage could have gotten lost, given how conspicuous Zoe's baggage is (for Paris Fashion Week, the Zoe-Berman family boasted a pile of 11 suitcases).

But there is some good news: Zoe made it to St. Barts OK and even had enough clothes to wear for a fashionable beach outing with messieurs Jacobs and Martone (that's Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone, for the uninformed).

And we're guessing that any dresses or jackets left unaccounted for can be replaced once Zoe gets back to L.A. After all, she does have some fashion friends in high places.

Read more at -- and, in celebration of Rachel Zoe's unbeatable wardrobe, take a look at her best looks of 2011 below.

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