12/29/2011 04:55 am ET | Updated Dec 29, 2011

'The Exes': Phil Pretends He's Gay To Help Stuart Out (VIDEO)

While Stuart is throwing himself into his work after the collapse of his marriage on "The Exes" (Wed., 10:30 p.m. EST on TV Land), Phil has been much more committed to his reputation with the ladies and a healthy dating life. When those two worlds collide over a toothache, it's Stuart who suffered.

Stuart is a dentist, so naturally he stepped in to try and help Phil with a tooth problem. When Phil, who is deathly afraid of dentists, comes to the office, he meets Stuart's long-time dental assistant. Then he promptly takes her home, sleeps with her and gives her that friendly little lie that he would call her. He figures she knew it was a one-time thing.

She didn't. When she confronted him on it and figured it out, she quit her job because seeing Stuart would remind her of Phil. So to make it up to him, the guys suggest Phil should pretend to be gay so she wouldn't think it was her.

So Phil takes one for the team -- for a problem he created in the first place. But he isn't going to go down alone. He pulls Stuart along with him, outing them as gay lovers. It works, but there's still an issue: Stuart has a dental assistant who thinks he's gay and in a serious and committed relationship.

It remains to be seen how much ongoing continuity will exist in this relatively new show, but this is certainly a subplot that could be ripe for some gags for a while.

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