Lunch Box Gallery's 'Isolations': A Study Of Alienation And Passivity (PHOTOS)

12/30/2011 02:53 pm ET

Wynwood's unassuming Lunch Box Gallery has a current group photography show centered on the ideas of isolation, alienation, and passivity.

Los Angeles photographer Lilly McElroy shows images from her series, "Location," in which she staged unexpected behavior in public places. As she describes,

fear of non-conformity has made uncommon behaviors virtually impermissible. Therefore I decided to experiment, by performing an action that was out of place, but clearly non-confrontational… There is little sense of personal space or comfort in any of the locations; people are meant to pass through them without much engagement or interaction.

When she was curled up in the fetal position on subway platforms and fancy hotel lobby floors, she says she was only asked if she was ok a mere three times.

McElroy is joined by Venezuelan photographer Dana Meilijson, who also chips away at the notion of public spaces. For the "Isolations" exhibit, she's showing images from her "Everyday Interruption" series shot around New York City. Her photos appear as frozen, isolated moments of time, giving resonance to mundane events like walking and doing laundry.

Also from Venezuela, Rodolfo Vanmarcke taps into the idea of modern alienation with his creature-faced women amidst stark backgrounds. "We have transformed ourselves into isolated self-idols within a temple devoid of believers; crammed full of needs that are in fact invented by a society of identical people”, Vanmarcke says.

"Isolations" will be up until February 25. See a slideshow of highlights below.

Lunch Box Gallery's "Isolations"
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