12/30/2011 03:13 pm ET

Mark Hurd Letter Released: 10 Most Embarrassing Quotes From The Ex-HP CEO's Controversial Letter

For Mark Hurd, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, life surely just got a lot more embarrassing.

The Supreme Court of Delaware ruled Wednesday that a letter from celebrity attorney Gloria Allred detailing Hurd's alleged sexual advances towards her client, Jodie Fisher, a former HP contract employee, could be made public. The letter spawned an internal investigation at HP last year, ultimately leading to Hurd's resignation in August 2010.

The letter alleges that Hurd made a number of unwanted sexual advances towards Fisher. In addition, it features some bizarre anecdotes including an incident where Hurd allegedly took Fisher to an ATM and attempted to impress her by showing his $1 million balance. He also allegedly told Fisher that the singer Sheryl Crow was crazy about him.

Hurd, now the CEO of Oracle, had tried to keep the letter private, saying that he was protected by California privacy laws. But the court ultimately found that though the letter contained "mildly embarrassing" information, it isn't protected in the same way as financial information or trade secrets.

The internal investigation that the letter sparked didn't find evidence of sexual harassment, but it did uncover inaccurate expense reports, according to Reuters. The question of whether the letter should be released has been the subject of much controversy, particularly because Alldred's client, Jodie Fisher, has said some of it is untrue.

The week that he resigned, Hurd settled with Fisher, according to Bloomberg.

Here are some of the most embarrassing alleged moments from the letter:


Read the full letter here:
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