12/30/2011 05:57 pm ET

Vinia Hall, 103-Year-Old Woman, Given New Mattresses After Nearly Losing Home

At 103-years-old, Vinia Hall was in danger of becoming homeless last month after the bank foreclosed on the Atlanta home she shared with her 84-year-old daughter. Friends and neighbors stepped in to prevent that from happening, and now Hall is thanking her community for another unexpected gift: a brand new set of mattresses for the pair donated by a local business, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The local store Mattress Firm made the donation -- valued at $6,000 -- after seeing a story about the women on local Atlanta news station Channel 2 Action News. Paul Wallace of Mattress Firm immediately called reporter Ryan Young to arrange the donation, which was delivered to their home by the store's truck.

"They went from almost being out of their home to owning the home outright again, to now having new beds that lift up and lay down and are comfortable," said Derrick Bozeman, a community activist who helped stop the foreclosure. Thanks to the efforts of friends, neighbors and the city, the women are no longer in danger of eviction.

Hall and her daughter had lived in the single-story bungalow for 53 years before a loan servicing company threatened to evict them in November, the Daily Mail reported. When the moving company hired to handle the eviction refused to do the job, the company called the local sheriff- and ran into the same problem.

What followed was a large-scale crusade on the part of family, community activists, and even Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, to negotiate with the banks.

It worked. Hall said she's grateful to God and neighbors for all the help she's received.

"How much I appreciate it, y'all," Hall said.


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