12/31/2011 11:02 am ET | Updated Mar 01, 2012

Brad Pitt's 1990 Interview With ET Was Awkward (VIDEO)

If only Brad Pitt knew then just how prophetic this moment would prove.

In this 1990 interview with Entertainment Tonight -- his first with the program -- a 27-year-old Pitt, who looks closer to 17, shares an awkward back and forth about his young star and the challenges it presents. Never mind that this came before his breakout role in "Thelma & Louise," the exchange highlights the discomfort he would feel with celebrity in his early days.

When asked his age, he gives a glib answer; when asked about being a teen heartthrob, he dodges the question completely (perhaps because he was, as we said, closer to marriage than high school). The emergence of this interview actually dovetails nicely with a new feature in the New York Times, in which Pitt says of his early days, "I was uncomfortable with the focus."

But as we see now, he's grown to handle, if not openly embrace, all the press attention that comes with both being a major movie star (who featured in two of the best movies of 2011) and celebrity parent. Alluding to his charity work, Pitt says of the press attention, "there are a lot of nice things that can be done with it, and I accept it. It's part of our business."