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New Year's Resolutions Post Divorce: What Are Yours?

New Year Resolutions

Posted: 12/31/11 02:22 PM ET

Forget the customary "lose weight" and "exercise more" New Year's resolutions. This year, HuffPost Divorce bloggers are getting real -- resolving to better their post-split lives in 2012.

Whether you're recently divorced or called it quits 20 years ago, there's always room for improvement in post-divorce relationships -- be it with your ex, your kids, or a new love. Here, we present New Year's resolutions from 10 HuffPost Divorce bloggers who are vowing to start the new year right.

Read through their post-divorce resolutions and tell us yours in the comments.

Communicate Better With My Son's Father
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"I resolve to keep my eye on the prize: A caring and friendly relationship with my son's dad, who will always be part of my family. I resolve to send him nice emails, not snarky ones. I resolve to continue to be grateful for how far we've come, and to let him know how much I appreciate it when we're doing well, which is more often than not. I resolve to enjoy the version of family that we are, and the sweet moments we share when we're all together. And I resolve to keep in touch, sharing news about our son, laughing about his adventures and supporting each other through the difficulties. We will always be parents together, and I'll never stop being committed to making our co-parenting as good as it can be." -- Susan Stiffelman , author of Parenting Without Power Struggles


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