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Rick Santorum's Residency Still Raises Questions

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At the Iowa Straw Poll in August, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum handed out samples of what he dubbed "Pennsylvania Presidential Peach Preserves."

According to a story in the Des Moines (IA) Register, he told a crowd at the Perry Public Library that he, his wife Karen and their children had harvested 600 early peaches from their fruit trees back home, peeled them and made them into 40 jars of peach preserves to take with them to the Straw Poll.

It's unlikely the peaches came from the $106,000 Penn Hills, PA, home Santorum still - sometimes - claims as his residence. Other than in the supermarkets of the post-World War II suburb that borders Pittsburgh, the only place to find the product of 600 peaches in Penn Hills might be in the juice flavoring used by Turner Dairy Farms to manufacture its peach ice tea.

Read the whole story at Plum-Oakmont Patch

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