01/04/2012 10:28 am ET

College Applications: Fun Ways To Celebrate Being Done!

Setting up a Common App account comes with the territory of being a high school senior, but as exciting as the prospect of college is, filling in little white box after little white box after big white box (Word Count: 500 = “UGH.”) isn’t nearly as thrilling. It takes quite a bit of time and a whole lot of patience to complete college applications –- especially when you realize that most of the schools you’re applying to don’t even have the Common App –- and even though you’re doing all that tedious essay-writing and question-answering for your own good, it only seems fair that by the end of it, you’ll receive a reward. Now that you can breathe (relatively) easy until decision time rolls around, allow yourself to celebrate the completion of your college applications using some of Her Campus’s best suggestions…