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2012 Green Goals: 12 Things You Must Do In The New Year

First Posted: 01/05/12 09:44 AM ET Updated: 01/05/12 09:44 AM ET

Year after year, losing weight and quitting smoking top most New Year's resolution lists.

But as we leave 2011 behind, a year that was filled with extreme weather and further disturbing evidence of human-induced climate change, why not add some green goals to your resolution list this January? offers a list of 12 green things that must be done in 2012. Check out what you can do this year to reduce your environmental impact, and click here to offer your own green resolution.

Tips and captions courtesy of Amanda Wills from Earth 911.

1. Replace single-use batteries in your camera with rechargeables
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Over the holidays, you may have noticed that your camera eats up battery life faster than Takeru Kobayashi chows down 10 hot dogs. You can save a lot of energy (and money) by making the switch to rechargeable batteries. Sure, the upfront cost will be higher, but it will pay for itself in just three photo-worthy events.

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