01/05/2012 11:00 am ET | Updated Aug 15, 2014

Physical Proof That Lemon Makes The Best Cakes, Pies And Tarts

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Lemons have that unique ability to work well in both sweet and savory dishes. Just a squeeze of lemon makes all the difference on fish, chicken or pasta (see our savory lemon recipes).

And in desserts? Lemon takes all the glory -- you get loads of citrus flavor with a perfect tangy and sweet balance. If lemons could choose what foods to flavor, they'd go with dessert every time.

Lemon zest does wonders with cookie doughs and cake batters, adding so much flavor with just a few spoonfuls. And lemon juice turns a sugar glaze into a tangy finishing touch for cakes. All you lemon lovers will appreciate our collection of lemon dessert recipes. We've got the classics, including versions of lemon meringue pie, lemon cheesecake and lemon curd.

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Meyer Lemon Recipes