01/05/2012 02:01 pm ET

Sky Metalwala Last Seen In May, According To Solomon Metalwala's Lawyer Clay Terry

Sky Metalwala, the two-year-old boy reported missing by his mother in November, was last seen months earlier, according to a lawyer representing his father.

Attorney Clay Terry told TV station KING 5 that the last verified sighting of the Bellevue, Wash., youngster occurred in May.

After sifting through Sky's medical records, Sky's father, Solomon Metalwala, says his son was last seen in April -- when there's a record of him seeing a doctor, according to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Yet the claims that the toddler hasn't been seen since the spring conflict with a neighbor who allegedly saw Sky in October.

Solomon Metalwala adds fuel to the fire by speculating in the Post-Intelligencer that his son's disappearance is possibly connected to a visit from his estranged wife's foreign father.

Julia Biryukova's father visited from Ukraine in April according to Solomon Metalwala and he wondered if perhaps the boy was taken overseas by the grandfather.

Biryukova and her husband's relationship is riddled with acrimony. They've been bogged down in a messy divorce and Metalwala has accused Biryukova of lying about Sky's disappearance.

Biryukova has not made public statements about the case since she reported to police that Sky disappeared on Nov. 6 when she left him in her car on the side of the road while she walked with her daughter to a gas station to refill the empty tank.


Sky Metalwala Missing


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