01/06/2012 05:23 pm ET | Updated Feb 01, 2012

Where To Find the Best Doughnuts In the Twin Cities

Since the start of the upscale cupcake trend, our beloved doughnuts have had to take a back seat in the world of pastry. But no longer. Doughnuts are making a comeback, and to celebrate, here are our favorite old-school doughnut shops in the Twin Cities.

Granny Donuts

As the name implies, Granny Donuts is as old-school as the West Saint Paul neighborhood where it's located. Its apple fritters are the stuff that dreams are made of, with exactly the right crispness in contrast to the lush filling. Come in early for the best selection. And remember: Granny Donuts is cash only.

1555 Robert St S., West St Paul; 651-451-6132


It's so nostalgic seeing the Mel-O-Glaze bakery's little corner storefront and donut-shaped sign, since it's been there as long as most of us can remember. Nothing fancy here, but who needs fanfare when the glazed donuts are blissfully tender and moist?

4800 28th Ave S., Minneapolis; 612-729-9316

A Baker's Wife

A Baker's Wife in the Powderhorn neighborhood is full of trinkets and tchotchkes, goofy plaques and doodads, but the donuts, made by a former pastry chef from New York's Plaza Hotel, are all-pro. Doughnuts come in all the classic flavors, and the best part is prices start at just 50 cents.

4200 28th Ave S., Minneapolis; 612-729-6898

Chef Shack

Sure, these doughnuts are kind of fancy -- flavored with cardamom, ginger and cinnamon -- but to many, the Indian-spiced mini donuts, elevated versions of the jewels at the Minnesota State Fair, are the best in the cities. Chase down the truck with the help of Twitter to enjoy a bag full of these warm doughy bites that soothe the soul.

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Sarah Jane's

Not mentioning Sarah Jane's on this list of kick-ass doughnut shops would be sure to cause an uproar, and rightfully so. This neighborhood bakery is divine, with chefs baking all night long, so that by the 5am opening, the cases are filled with the finest varieties of classic doughnuts.

2853 Johnson Street, NE Minneapolis; 612-789-2827

Photo Courtesy of adactio, flickr

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