Ian Cooke Is Cloned In New Video For 'Fortitude' (VIDEO)

01/06/2012 01:31 pm ET | Updated Jan 06, 2012

Denver's very own cello-rocker Ian Cooke has released a new music video for his song "Fortitude" and it's just as visually stunning and original as Cooke's music is sonically. We'd expect nothing less from the very talented Cooke who recently spoke to HuffPost about being an artist in Denver and his new album.

The video stars multiple Ian Cooke clones performing the title track to the Fortitude album. It was shot entirely on the LSI Soundstage in Denver and used no green screens, just good old fashioned camera tricks, according to a press release.

The video was produced by Denver production company Big Blue Entertainment and was directed by Tom Mares, a partner at Big Blue.

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