01/10/2012 09:17 am ET

Antonio Banderas And Melanie Griffith On New TV Pilot, 'The American Housewife'

Last fall, Lifetime gave the green light to Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith on their new pilot, "American Housewife," a show about a mother of two who hears voices.

While on the red carpet for the movie premiere of 'Haywire', Banderas told AOL Latino, "there is a fundamental premise for the program: every human being experiences the duality of what they say and what they are actually thinking. For example, in a party, when you meet a beautiful woman you don't tell her your first thought, you say something else completely different," he explained, "I'm very interested in that aspect because it is something that happens to all of us."

Griffith and her husband, Antonio Banderas, are executive producing the project, which is being produced by Fox TV Studios and Lifetime. Banderas created the project alongside Erik Jendresen (Band of Brothers), who penned the pilot and will also serve as an EP. David Slade (Eclipse) is directing the pilot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith