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Mitt Romney Challenged In New Hampshire Over Health Care Reform (VIDEO)

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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney got caught up in an uncomfortable confrontation Monday, when a woman pressed him on his position on health care reform at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

On his way out of an event in Nashua, Romney was making his way through the horde of reporters, shaking hands and taking questions from attendees, when one woman approached him with a question.

"When you signed into law Romneycare, I was excited," the woman said, her hands firmly clasped between Romney's. "You seemed proud to do that. And then when the country copied you, it just seemed like there was hope for people like me."

"How have you done since then?" Romney responded, repeating himself and drawing closer as the woman continued to speak.

"I don't have health care, sir, and I'm scared," the woman, who claimed to be a small business owner, continued.

"That tells you something doesn't it?" Romney said. "Tells you something."

"It hasn't gone into effect yet," she answered, while Romney moved on to meet less combative people.

On Monday, Romney said he favors a health care system that would allow customers to shop for their own health insurance instead of being required to select from an employer's choices.

"I like being able to fire people who provide services to me," Romney said, before clarifying that he believed it was important to allow consumers to ditch providers if they weren't performing adequately.

While many expected Romney to take more heat on his position as the architect of Massachusetts' health care overhaul -- a blueprint that the White House has been quick to claim it used as a basis for their national reform law -- he has gone largely unchallenged on the issue. His rivals have recently chosen to focus on different aspects of Romney's past, such as his work for private equity firm Bain Capital.

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