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Plaid Rap: This Guy Really Loves His Plaid Shirts (VIDEO)

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If you're the type who monitors the Internet for viral videos, and you're a dude, look down. Are you wearing a plaid shirt? 100% of respondents say yes. Well, guess what! The Internet made a very special video just for you: the Plaid Rap.

Josh Johnson, Joe Cummings and Michael Krivicka put together this Lonely Island-esque rap wherein a gentleman rhymes about how much he loves and admires the horizontal-and-vertical pattern found so often on male twentysomethings' shirts, and what plaid has done for his life. (Wonders!)

Cummings, along with his plaid-adorned pals, walk around Manhattan (arguably the plaid capital of America), and raps about how not only is it his favored shirt style, but truly, it's a way of life. You can also check out their web series, Plaid Forever.

This post brought to you by a guy wearing plaid. Thanks to Dan for the tip.

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