01/11/2012 01:49 pm ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

Camille Grammer To Drop Ex-Husband's Last Name?

The most talked-about Real Housewife of all time, Camille Grammer, wants to move on from her ugly divorce with Kelsey Grammer, which also means dumping his last name.

"For the time being, it just makes things easier to keep the name," Camille tells me. "I'm going through this divorce and my kids' last names are Grammer. So to do all the paperwork and changing names for insurance and school and everything, it's just easier. After everything is settled, I may go back to Donatacci."

Having been a Grammer for 16 years, Camille has incredible pain talking about her ex, who left her for another woman. It doesn't help that the former couple is still involved in an ugly battle over finances and child custody that Camille Grammer says is costing a fortune in legal fees.

"It's gone on too long," she laments. "The lawyers are taking all of our money. I would love for the two of us to figure it all out, but unfortunately my ex files for 100 percent custody and he's going to keep that going. I have offered over and over again 50-50 custody. I think that is really fair, and people fight to get to that, but he's going to keep continuing with legal action. You [Kelsey] have moved on and now let me move on."

But Camille says she won't be able to begin to move on until the legal issues are resolved.


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