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New Hampshire Primary Spending Per Vote (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary, but not before spending nearly $1 million on television advertising in the state's biggest media market. Candidates, and their super-PAC sidekicks, spent $3.6 million on advertising in the Boston, Mass. media market, the biggest market in New Hampshire. How far did that money go in winning supporters? The Huffington Post, using voter data from the counties covered by the Boston media market and ad-buy data collected by, calculated how much each candidate spent per vote received in the section of New Hampshire covered by the Boston media market.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry spent the most per vote -- $62.11 -- in HuffPost's calculation, despite only dropping $90,000 on an ad buy in the Boston market. He picked up .7 percent of the vote. Perry also took top spending honors in Iowa where each vote cost him $480, according to a cost-per-vote calculation done by Buzzfeed.

Of the top three candidates, former Massachusetts Gov. Romney got the most for his money in New Hampshire, at $11.51 per vote. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, thanks to help from his super PAC, spent the most of the top three at $37.65 per vote.

To see HuffPost's full report on the spending and advertising in the state click here.

Infographic by Chris Spurlock.

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