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'Out Of Character With Krista Smith': Seth MacFarlane On Jokes That Went Too Far (VIDEO)

First Posted: 01/12/12 05:36 AM ET Updated: 01/12/12 09:57 AM ET

Fans of Seth MacFarlane's trinity of animated comedies on Fox know that there is virtually no line of decency or decorum he won't cross for a joke. It doesn't even have to fit within the main narrative -- MacFarlane practically patented the cutaway gag. On the special, "Out of Character with Krista Smith" (Wed., 11 p.m. EST on USA), though, he did talk about at times feeling he'd taken it a bit too far.

One was a JFK Pez dispenser gag, that was certainly controversial at the time. In another case, it was a matter of coming face-to-face with the targets of one of his jokes.

"Adrien Brody got very upset with me one time at a party about a joke that we made about him, and I felt horrible because I actually think he's a tremendously gifted actor," MacFarlane said. His mantra about cracking jokes at other people's expense: "If you're going to take a stab at somebody, even a celebrity, it can't just be mean. It's also gotta be funny."

Later, Smith talked to MacFarlane about the pervasiveness of Twitter and whether or not he thinks it's a good thing. While MacFarlane hadn't made up his mind yet, he did talk about how it might not be good to be so accessible to fans. "I wanna see Grace Kelly in 'High Society,' I don't want to see her stumbling drunk out of Musso & Frank's."

Seth MacFarlane's jokes can be seen every Sunday with "American Dad," "The Cleveland Show," and "Family Guy" as part of Fox's Animation Domination block.

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