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Jamie Love, 17, Claims School Expelled Him For Wearing Women's Clothes, Wins Fight To Return

Girl Clothes

The Huffington Post   First Posted: 01/13/12 05:22 PM ET Updated: 01/14/12 05:53 PM ET

Jamie Love, a 17-year-old high school student who was allegedly expelled for wearing women's clothes, has won his fight to return to school, the Scottish Daily Record reports.

In a separate report, Love opened up to the paper about the pain he felt following his expulsion.

"It took me years to finally open up to someone about my sexuality and now I feel betrayed by the people I trusted," Love told the Daily Record. "I have always felt different but I have never been able to talk about it. They have made me feel like a fool. I left the school in tears feeling totally humiliated and embarrassed."

Love came to school wearing knee-length black shorts, hair extensions, tights, a hair band, blouse, and school tie. Once he arrived, he was met with immediate hostility from teachers, according to STV News.

"When [I] went into the class, everything was fine and then the teacher came and got me and then took me into the school and asked me what I was trying to do to the school," he told the station. "Then they said: 'You shouldn't be dressed like that.' Then two deputies came in and said my time at Govan High was over and then I got my stuff and had to leave. I asked if I could come back as a boy and they said no."

Officials at Govan High School reversed the expulsion last night, and a spokesperson told the Daily Record that Love's choice of dress was never the issue.

"We welcome Jamie's assurances to commit to his education ... Jamie's choice of clothing has never been an issue ... so he can come to school dressed as a girl if he wants to," the spokesperson told the paper. "However, it's important that we put measures in place to accommodate this decision and the school would like to meet him and his mother."

Love admits he's had "behavioral problems" in the past due to his confusion about his sexuality, but told the paper he's just ready to get back to school.

"This is great news. It is a major victory for me and all the other kids who are confused about their sexuality," he told the paper. "I'm delighted I can return to school and be myself. This is a second chance for me and I won’t mess it up. I will keep my head down and work hard to get my qualifications."

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