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Extreme Weather Of The Week (PHOTOS)

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This week's weather was definitely extreme in some areas.

In the U.S. Midwest, the first major snow storm of the winter left commuters facing a sloppy morning ride. Ski areas and winter-dependent businesses welcomed the snow, however.

According to Scientific American, this winter's mild temperatures and lack of snow can be blamed on the North Atlantic Oscillation and its effect on the jet stream.

Alaska, however, has had no shortage of snow. Anchorage is on pace for the snowiest winter since record-keeping began. This winter, the city has already received over 80 inches of snow. The town of Cordova, Alaska has had to order more snow shovels to dig out from over 15 feet of snow that has fallen recently.

Elsewhere in Alaska, the town of Nome was aided this week by a Coast Guard ice breaker ship and fuel tanker which delivered much-need supplies. A storm in the fall prevented a fuel delivery that Nome normally receives before ice blocks access to the town.

Below, check out some of the wildest and most extreme weather images from around the world this week. Was the weather in your area mild or extreme?

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